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Unveiling of the Gilles Desjardins-Brigil esplanade

It was in front of distinguished guests, media representatives and members of the Montfort family that the Esplanade Gilles Desjardins, Brigil, was officially unveiled, last April 3rd, along with a plaque of recognition. The businessman earned these honours following his exceptional gift of one million dollars, offered as part of the major fundraising campaign conducted by the Montfort Foundation last June.

“Gilles Desjardins’ philanthropic accomplishments over the past few years have had a direct impact on the population in many ways. His great generosity is exemplary, and the Fondation Montfort is privileged to have him on its side. It is therefore essential for us to publicly celebrate his generosity for his exceptional gift to the Aline-Chrétien Health Hub in Orléans,” said Marc Villeneuve, CEO of the Fondation Montfort.

This financial support will contribute to the improvement of health care in the east end of Ottawa through the Aline-Chrétien Health Hub. The Carrefour Santé Aline-Chrétien offers a new model of care, centered on the patient and their needs, in both official languages.

Behind the literate sign that decorates the main façade of the Hôpital, is Gilles Desjardins’ desire to contribute to improving the quality of life of his community. Those who dig deeper will also see a love affair with the Hôpital Montfort where he, his father, his wife, his sisters, his brothers and his two children were born.

“My family and I have been working since 1985 to help the National Capital Region flourish. As citizen builders, it is an honour for us to support Montfort in its quest for innovation and to continue to offer quality health care in French for our community, and for future generations,” says Gilles Desjardins.

This is not the first time that Brigil’s founding president has received such an honour. Gilles Desjardins’ name also adorns the façade of the Nouvelle-Scène theater and the Gatineau Hospital Cancer Centre, thanks to similar gifts.

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