Psychiatric Emergency Zone at Montfort

The Psychiatric Emergency Zone (PEZ) is an innovative project that aims to transform a section of the emergency department into an environment dedicated to managing mental health crises.
Thanks to a strategic redesign of the hospital space, this new distinct Zone will establish a new model of care and services specific to clients in psychological distress.

Substantial positive impacts

The Psychiatric Emergency Zone will have significant positive impacts:

Reduce wait times for care

New area of 1,315 sq. ft. allowing for reduced wait times

Enhance safety for both medical staff and patients

The creation of a safe environment in the emergency department will benefit mental health and addiction patients

Provide an environment adapted to specific mental health needs

Improve the service quality to patients

Promote a more efficient and humane response

Reduction in the number of return emergency visits

"I've reached my limit… I've reached the bottom"
- Sofiane

Campaign Progress

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$ 2 million

Campaign Goals
Construction start: May 2024
Opening of the PEZ: Fall 2024

The Establishment of the Psychiatric Zone: A Crucial Need

Hôpital Montfort is located in the Rideau-Vanier neighborhood, an underprivileged area where many residents live in financial and social insecurity with significant mental health challenges.

With over 50,000 annual visits to the emergency department, of which 8% are related to mental health, Montfort positions itself as a key player in addressing mental health needs in the region and beyond.

The arrival of the PEZ will bring about a collective transformation of the hospital environment aimed at better meeting the specific needs of patients in mental crisis.

Montfort is in a unique situation

In the region, Montfort experiences a 46% higher rate than all other hospitals for mental health diagnoses, which is 44% higher than the provincial average.

The impact of this unique situation is significant for the Hospital staff who received over 50,000 people in the emergency department in 2022, of whom 4,217 had a mental health condition.

Of this number, only 1,406 people were admitted for evaluation, and over 30 days, one in four patients returned to the emergency department for re-evaluation.

Total number of
emergency visits
in 2022
% of People Admitted
for a Mental Health
Hôpital Montfort
50 769
Civic Hospital
82 879
5,62 %
General Hospital
83 770
4,69 %
Queensway Carleton Hospital
81 067
3,87 %
75 794
2,87 %
Total Ottawa Region
374 279
4,60 %
Total Champlain Region
651 201
3,69 %
Total Province of Ontario
6 213 494
4,40 %
"The Montfort teams worked hard to try to understand me... "
- Sofiane

Frequent Evaluations in 2023 – 2024


Substance-related disorders


Stress-related neurological disorders


Schizophrenia and delusional disorders

How You Can Help

The growing needs for care and services in mental health make the emergency zone for mental health a priority need.

The PEZ aims to provide a calm environment to reduce delays and workplace violence and improve service quality. Each contribution brings us closer to our goal: a mental health service where every patient feels understood and safe.

"At Montfort, they saw something in me that I could no longer see..."
- Sofiane