Donors Rights

Did you know that everyone who donates to the Montfort Foundation has rights?

Indeed, as a Montfort Foundation donor, you have the right to:

  • Be informed of our mission, vision and values.
  • Have access to the identity of our board members.
  • Expect our board of directors to exercise sound judgment in donation management.
  • Have access to our most recent audited financial statements.
  • Be informed of the status of the people soliciting donations on our behalf.
  • Ask questions regarding your donation and receive prompt and truthful answers.
  • Be informed of how we intend to use your donation.
  • Be assured that your donation will be used for the intended purpose.
  • Be assured that information about your donation will be handled with respect and confidentiality, according to the law.
  • Receive fair and adequate recognition for your contribution.
  • Expect our representatives to remain professional in their relationship with you.
  • Have your name removed from our mailing lists at any time.


Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.