The Foundation in Action


The impact of a designated gift

Thanks to a generous designated donation from All Seniors Care Living Centres™, the Montfort Foundation has purchased five wheelchairs to transport Montfort patients who must attend medical appointments outside the hospital.

“I am a trained social worker and I wanted to help improve not only the work environment of social workers at Montfort, but also their patients’ quality of life,” says Monique Thibodeau-Laflamme, now regional director of sales and marketing at All Seniors Care Living Centres™. “That’s why our retirement residences decided to make a designated donation for the purchase of equipment that met the current needs of social workers.”

This is just one example of how donations have a direct and immediate impact on improving patient care at Montfort. Of course, there are many other ways to contribute that allows each individual to have an impact according to their interests and within their means.

The most important thing to remember is that it is through philanthropy that Montfort achieves excellence and that each donation is worth its weight in gold, regardless of its amount.

Left to right: Marc M. Villeneuve, acting president and CEO of the Montfort Foundation; Julie Budd, manager of departures at Montfort and Monique Thibodeau-Laflamme, regional director of sales and marketing at All Seniors Care Living Centres™