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Take flight for Valentine’s Day!

Take flight for Valentine's Day

Are you looking for an original idea to give as a gift this year to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you want to give a different meaning to this day? Whether you live it alone, as a couple or as a family, the Montfort Foundation team has a unique suggestion to mark the day of love.

Leave your mark with a gift of love.

As part of the largest fundraising campaign in the history of the Montfort Foundation in support of the Orléans Health Hub, you too can support this campaign by turning Valentine’s Day into a lasting memory.

  • Give wings to your love by donating a butterfly in the amount of $500, $1,000 or $1,500.

    The butterflies will be displayed at the new Orléans Health Hub in the summer of 2022.

  • Donate $2,000 and choose a bench to sit on with your significant other.

  • To declare your love without words and every day. Give a tree of love to a special someone for $3,000.

Get these recognition pieces, here

A gift of love that will help the Montfort Foundation reach its campaign goal of $12 million. Your donation to the Orléans Health Hub will contribute to the realization of this project and of its mission.

On behalf of all the patients and families who benefit from your contributions, we sincerely thank you and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!