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Spotlight on Robert Rhéaume

Robert Rhéaume joined the Montfort Foundation board of trustees last fall. A resident of Orléans and eager to make a difference in his community, he got involved with the Montfort family to participate in the implementation of the Orléans Health Hub. “The Hub is a project that offers a new way of delivering care and presents wonderful challenges,” says Mr. Rhéaume. “Having the opportunity to collaborate with experts from other fields to overcome these challenges and contribute to the success of a project of this scope truly inspires me. »

Originally from New Liskeard in northern Ontario, this warm-hearted man grew up near the farm of his grandfather—an individual with whom he shared a special bond. Since his father was a metalworker, Mr. Rhéaume was introduced to manual labour when he was a kid.

At 14, while hoping to find his first summer job, his grandfather proposed that he help him on the farm. Although he couldn’t compensate him for his work, he vowed that what he would teach him would mark his life forever. He was right! Mr. Rhéaume realized, as soon as he entered the job market, that the values he had learned from this determined man were invaluable—in life, we reap the rewards of our efforts. Now a grandfather himself, Mr. Rhéaume is committed to forging close ties with his grandchildren and passing on these same values to them.

Although family is his priority, he also has a vivid enthusiasm for gardening. Blessed with a green thumb, Mr. Rhéaume is always looking forward to spring so he can spend long hours in his flower and shrub garden—his oasis of relaxation.

During his holidays, he flies to Turks and Caicos where he enjoys scuba diving, a sport for which he is deeply passionate. “Between mid-January and mid-February, the whales use the canal near the islands on their way to giving birth to calves,” he says. “My dream is to one day dive with the whales. They are such impressive creatures! »

Mr. Rhéaume also has a keen interest in all aspects of mental health. Over the past seven years, he has volunteered to help raise community awareness on the issues related to this cause. It is a passion that allows him to have an impact on the well-being of others—an essential component of a rewarding life.

Now a partner in the world-renowned accounting firm BDO Canada, a goal that dates back to his university studies, Mr. Rhéaume is proud of what he has accomplished over the course of his career. His best advice for a successful life is to have self-confidence. He claims that each person should do whatever is necessary to face their fears and overcome their insecurities. “By learning to gain self-confidence, we can all achieve our goals, fuel our passions and fulfill our dreams.”