The Foundation in Action


Orléans Health Hub: Construction officially begins!

This morning, many partners and guests gathered at the corner of Mer Bleue Road and Brian Coburn Boulevard to celebrate the official launch of the construction of the Orléans Health Hub—the first model of care of its kind in Ontario.

The reality

The discoveries and innovations resulting from health care research allow us to keep living longer. But as we age, we are at greater risk of chronic health issues and increased multimorbidity: suffering from several illnesses at once. Whether we experience it ourselves or witness it through a loved one, we simply can’t deny the real impact multiple health conditions can have on someone’s life: a referral here, a referral there, an appointment here, an appointment there… It sometimes becomes the majority of what fills our calendar.

The solution

The Orléans Health Hub is a unique and innovative model that will help address gaps in health care coordination for Eastern Ontario. It will bring together a wide range of specialized and community health services under one roof, enabling health care consumers—from newborns to seniors—to focus on their recovery by allowing them to consult with all their care providers during a single visit.

In search of heroes

With the funding it receives from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Montfort is able to provide quality care for the 350,000+ visits it receives annually. However, it is through the generosity of thousands of donors—those heroes who care about the well-being of others and work behind the scenes to give back to their community—that the hospital can achieve excellence and provide exemplary care and services to the population it serves. Although the construction of the Orléans Health Hub is largely funded by the Ontario government, philanthropy will play an important role in its implementation. That is why the Montfort Foundation will lead, in due time, a major fundraising campaign to support the hub’s construction.

Count me in!

Please contact us at any time to discuss ways you can help build the Orléans Health Hub—a solution that will help meet the growing needs of our community and help Montfort maintain its position as a health care leader.