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Montfort honored at RGA Emeraude 2023 gala

At the 2023 Gala Emeraude, presented by the Regroupement des gens d’affaires de la capitale nationale (RGA), the guests had the opportunity to watch the “Personality of the Year” award given to none other than Me Ronald Caza, the lawyer who joined the fight to save Hôpital Montfort from closure, and the former Chairman of our Board of Trustees, to name just a few.

Thank you to the RGA for choosing to highlight the outstanding community involvement of this man who has left his mark on the history of Francophones in Ontario, and on that of Montfort.

Bravo Mr. Caza!

Another highlight of the evening was the gift made by Mr. André Gareau, winner of the 50/50 draw, who chose to donate the amount he won – $1,240 – to the Montfort Foundation in support of access to care in French. The RGA donated a total of $2,480 to the Montfort Foundation.

Thank you for your generosity!