The Foundation in Action


Mobilizing neighbours for the benefit of others

The Montfort Foundation was one of the regions’ first hospital foundations to create a COVID-19 emergency fund. It had only whispered the idea of setting up such a fund when the Charron-Raymond family quickly responded to the call with a $25,000 contribution.

While this was a significant donation, the Charron-Raymond family had an even more impressive vision for their gift—to use it in a way that would mobilize their community to support Montfort in its fight against the coronavirus.

The Charron-Raymond family has supported our hospital for many years. They forged a deep bond with Montfort when their son Alexandre received care here.

“By dedicating this amount to doubling the donations made to the emergency fund, we wanted to inspire people in our community to follow in our footsteps by supporting our hospital,” says Bernard Raymond. “Montfort is alone in the east end of town. There are no other hospitals between Vanier and Hawkesbury. That means that it is responsible for serving a huge population. Our goal was to maximize our efforts to help Montfort prepare adequately in the event that a large part of this population would be affected by the virus.”

Thanks to its concern for the health of those in its surroundings, its altruism and its undeniable leadership, the Charron-Raymond family achieved their goal just a few days after the emergency fund was launched. While their generosity enabled the Montfort Foundation to quickly raise $50,000, the momentum they gave the fundraising initiative continues to bear fruit. The emergency fund now stands at over $105,000.

You all have big hearts and it is a real privilege for us to have you as part of the Montfort family. Although the word “thank you” fails to adequately convey just how grateful we are for your inspiring gesture of solidarity, know that it will make a tremendous difference for so many people—the ones infected by the coronavirus and the guardian angels fighting non-stop to save their life.