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I am committed to Montfort every month!

Feeling part of the Montfort team

"My name is Hélène Ndomba Ngoyi, a resident of Ottawa. When I arrived in 2018, I was motivated by the warm welcome of the communities I visited; Montfort Hospital included. And I always told myself that when I'm employed, I'll do something to contribute too."

The first time she was involved with Montfort was in 2020, when she received a letter from the Montfort Foundation describing the situation of a young patient in need of care, an experience that touched her deeply. Since then, she continued to receive letters with inspiring stories, each time reinforcing her desire to help. As Montfort is an integral part of her community, she felt motivated to participate promptly in its fund-raising activities.

Hélène began contributing to the “Giving Tuesday” campaign in November 2021, inspired by the hard work of the Montfort Foundation team and the many needs to be fulfilled. She became a monthly donor in January 2022, to reflect her desire to contribute consistently, without waiting for requests.

"I believe that my contribution brings comfort to others. It's a sweet feeling that allows me to be at peace with myself."

Expressing gratitude to those who welcomed her

She is grateful to the community that has warmly welcomed her to Ottawa, and aspires to contribute to the same community that has nourished her life. Hélène points out that giving monthly brings her ongoing joy, strengthening her sense of commitment to Montfort.

Giving monthly, she says, is simple and rewarding. She feels more committed to Montfort thanks to her ongoing contributions, pointing out that “through the Montfort Foundation, I can potentially save lives.”

For Hélène, the advantages of giving monthly include the certainty of being able to provide continued and the certainty that her generosity has a direct impact on the lives of patients.

The benefits of monthly giving

1. Allows you to manage your finances more effectively.
2. Simplifies support for the organization of your choice.
3. Increases the impact of your donation.
4. Celebrates your loyalty to the cause you care about.
5. Paperless and environmentally friendly.

Join Hélène Ndomba Ngoyi !

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