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“Choosing Montfort was the best medical decision of my life.”

Joan Marshall

Discover Joan Marshall’s story, a resident of Stittsville, who was admitted to Hôpital Montfort because of health problems. Today, she says it was the best medical decision of her life.

“To the competent, helpful and courteous staff I interacted with during my time at Hôpital Montfort

I am 88 years old female and called 911 from my home in Stittsville because of pain in the abdomen area. The Emergency Management Services team was directed to Hôpital Montfort due to over crowding at the other Ottawa hospitals at the time.

This decision turned out to be the best medical decision of my life.

Following my visit to the emergency room on last August 31, and my consultation with Dr. Robert Grant on September 26, the decision was made to remove my gallbladder. At the pre-operative visit on October 5, and again five days later, during the operation, I was treated with great kindness and taking the time to listen to me about my previous hospital and medical experiences. Dr. Chow, an anesthetist, as well as other staff members explained the entire surgical procedure to me in detail, which was very reassuring.

The porter who stopped my daughter and I in the hall as we were looking for the day-surgery area and then walked us to the correct room and registration desk should also be mentioned. Other hospital staff also helped me locate offices, etc., and did so with unique kindness. I quickly understood that the Hôpital Montfort staff, at all levels, go out of their way to show courtesy, and to be helpful to the visitors and patients. This behavior of the staff walking through the halls and the competence of the medical staff I interacted with has made a huge positive impression and is how I will remember my recent time there.

My only regret is that I didn’t think to take the names of all those who helped me. So I’d like to thank you all publicly for your attitude and behavior, which make you unique individuals deserving of the title Angels of Montfort.”

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