The Foundation in Action


Butterflies taking flight on October 29th?

It was a beautiful fall day with bright sunshine, clear skies and warmth that welcomed the hundred or so donors who contributed to the “Butterfly-Tree-Bench” component of the fundraising campaign for the Aline Chrétien Health Hub (ACHH).

People were many and anxious to discover these pieces of recognition for which they had contributed for a little over a year. Some even crossed, before the set time, the giant butterfly sign that served to separate the crowd from the sidewalk where the butterflies are engraved in the sidewalk. The wait had lasted long enough!

It was after the master of ceremonies, Marc Villeneuve, CEO of the Montfort Foundation, and speeches by Yves Tremblay, president of the ACHH fundraising campaign, and Dr. Bernard Leduc, CEO of the Hôpital Montfort, that the celebrations were launched. It was with their heads bowed, their backs bent and even on their knees that the donors had fun finding their butterfly; what a delight to see their joy at discovering it and their pride when they realize the value of this priceless gift.

This portion of the campaign allows everyone to make a contribution to the development of the Hub in return for an element of recognition, whether it be a butterfly engraved in the sidewalk at the Hub’s west entrance, a plaque attached to one of the benches or a medallion hanging from one of the trees planted on the grounds. What a unique and eternal way to mark the life of a loved one!

Your generosity allowed us to give the Aline Chrétien Health Hub a total of $158,500, which represents 104 butterflies, 29 benches and 8 trees. Would you like to recognize the memory of a person who made a difference to you?

Thanks to Let’s Celebrate of St. Isidore for the butterfly cookies that were enjoyed by young and old alike and for the thematic decoration!

We also thank Desmarais Concept for the design of these recognition elements and Claude Bernard, from Formaviva, for the butterfly fitting in the sidewalk.

This memorable day in pictures