The Foundation in Action


A new fitness room for the employees’ well-being

Thanks to the Montfort Foundation and the generosity of a donor, a fitness room has been opened for the Montfort employees! This new feature has been well received by employees who wanted, for a long time, a place to exercise in their workplace.

This new space, located in the hallway along the cafeteria (room 00A226), is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer you the opportunity to practice different exercises such as standard or elliptical cycling, walking or running, rowing exercises, weights or simply to stretch.

Exercising at work is good for you and your colleagues. Indeed, take advantage of this place that will allow you to:

– Reduce stress
– Be more productive
– Improve team spirit
– Reduce the number of missed work days

For Montfort, it is important that its employees be in top shape and we wish to offer them the necessary tools to ensure that their well-being at work is optimal.

Did you know that in industrialized countries, studies show that the workplace is a place of choice for physical activity and developing healthy lifestyle habits?

Thank you to the Montfort Foundation for their gift of the mural that will brighten up the space and to Dr. Suleena Duhaime for the gift of weights.

Come and meet “Tim” our mascot who will be there to encourage you!

Have a good workout!

To register and access the room:!.aspx