The Foundation in Action


A flavorful success story

Last January, the Montfort Foundation’s team met with Mr. Donald Wingell, President and Founder of Wingell Hospitality Group, to discuss the possibility of holding an event for Monfort.

At the first meeting, Mr. Wingell, who also owns Dhruvees Restaurant on Beechwood, agreed to host a series of fundraising dinners prepared by renowned Indian, Indonesian and Sri Lankan chefs.

On March 28 and 29, under the culinary skills of Chef Chaminda, the first of this series of fundraising dinners “Dine for a Cause” was held for the benefit of the Montfort Foundation. The restaurant staff, under the supervision of Nicole Kim and Ian Bambroug, welcomed over 50 guests each evening. These included regular Dhruvees customers, bloggers, Rideau-Rockcliffe City Councillor, Rawlson King, and members of the South Korean embassy. They were all treated to typical Sri Lankan dishes such as crispy egg, Ambul Thiyal tuna, black beef curry, Ceylon street food and Watalappam.

Representing the Montfort Foundation’s Board of Directors, Marie-Josée Martel, and staff, Yamil Coulombe and Francis Carpentier, also attended.

These two gastronomic evenings were a great success! The room was packed with people, the atmosphere was welcoming and the food was colourful and tasty. These fundraising dinners allowed Wingell Hospitality to donate $2,020 to the Montfort Foundation.